Learn Cutlery (6+M) - Green


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Twistshake's eat-on-your-own cutlery has short handles that are perfectly adapted for the hands of a small child. Our soft touch finish is developed with anti-slip properties to ensure a steady grip. All our cutlery has a smart edge on the handle in order to prevent them from ending up in the food. One could say they're the perfect learning tools!



Free from BPS, BPA and BPF - safe for your child and for yourself
PP and TPE-plastic – manufactured from premium material
Soft Touch – a mild and ergonomical surface for the best grip
Knife, fork and spoon - complete set
Suits children 6 months and up
1. Soft Touch
A smoother surface on the cutlery, ergonomically designed to provide the best fit.
2. Knife, Fork and Spoon
A complete set to give you the best start
3. Anti-Slip
The handle on all the cutlary is designed with a convenient edge that prevents them from going in the food