Feeding Spoon Straight (4+M) - Green

Feeding Spoon Straight (4+M) - Green


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The Twistshake feeding spoon is developed to fit perfectly in jars and deeper plates. Our soft touch finish is mild and ergonomic so that your toddler gets a good and steady grip on the spoon.



Free from BPS, BPA and BPF - safe for your child and for yourself
Soft Touch – a mild and ergonomic surface for the best grip
Suitable for children 4 months and up
Dishwasher-safe - put in the upper partition
Two models - for the different phases of your child's life
1. Soft Touch
A smoother surface on the spoon, ergonomically designed to provide the best fit.
2. Teaching Spoon
Perfectly adapted to our plates, so that your child can comfortably learn to master the spoon.
3. Straight Ladle
Designed to make food easy to scoop up.